Sunday, May 30, 2010

He came and made some changes

1. I used to wake up alone, with the alarms ringing out loud. But now he wakes me up with a phonecall each morning

2. I used to cry myself to sleep, but now i pray and smile before i sleep.

3. I used to be unfriendly, but now my heart is filled with joy that i am now smiling a lot, because of you.

4. I used to hate monday, but now i thank every Monday that will surely bring me to Saturday

5. I used to hate myself, for being the most unworthy teenage girl in town. But your presence changed my way of thinking

6. I used to forget anything in a blink, but now i remember A LOT :)

7. I used to be lonely, but now, even when i'm alone i always know that he's always there

8. I used to hate love, but then i just realized that every love has its own good and everyone needs love

9. I used to be anti-social, but ever since you came, i feel better each time i look back to my past :D

10. I used to live in a monochrome TV screen and voiceless. But now, i sing a lot in every colorful day

11. I used to fake a smile to start a day. But now, i smile each time i wake up remembering that i'll spend each day with you

12. I used to be a dreamer, but you woke me up and you keep me up, every single night :)

13. I used to keep questioning about life and world. But now it's all clear that we do need somebody :D

14. I used to walk with my head down. Now with you holding my hand, i keep my head up with a smile on it

15. I used to moan when my heart hurt. Nowadays, i don't have to suffer alone. Your presence means a lot

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