Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy 11th Month, Dev

Today's 4th of June and this is the day when we finally reached our 11th month

Happy 11th month, Dev!

Thank you for:
  • Making me feel loved
  • Doing silly things to make me laugh
  • Staring me dead in the eyes to make me smile
  • Always make me feel right
  • Making me feel wrong and leaving a lot to learn
  • Telling things that every girl would love to hear
  • Showing new things in such a rocking way
  • Calling me your wife
  • All the pain you've helped me to bear
  • All the sweet times you've let me in
  • All the rides
  • All the sleepless nights
  • All the hard nights you've spent thinking to relieve my pain

  • All the mornings
  • Cheering me up in such a funny way
  • Giving a lot to memorize
  • Making me strong enough to walk through everything
  • Holding my hand when i'm scared
  • ...being a lot like me =)
  • Getting along with all my life.
Thank you, you make this all worth the fighting, the waiting, and the price i pay is worth the memories

Sorry for:
  • The times i turned my back on you
  • The mess i made that let you down
  • Words i haven't said to you
  • Things i've done to you
  • Things i haven't done to you
  • All the wrongs i made
  • The hells i've put you through
  • The song i haven't sung to you yet
  • Being imperfect for every situation
  • Making some situations harder for you
  • The pain i made
  • The things i shouldn't say to you
  • The time you spent trying to be a better man
  • All the times you spent driving me home
  • Not being there when you need me mostly
  • ...making you feel bad when i should've been your mood-maker
  • Sorry for doing things i shouldn't do

Awet ya Devo! Me love u!!! <3

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