Monday, June 7, 2010

The strongest element in the world

Hey everybody! I spent my day in kak iren's house.. with fira riri bebby and kak ami.. What i'm going to write here is not quite different from my older posts.. I talked a lot, i shared a lot about my lovelife with kak ami and return, she shared so much about hers. And i was surprised and i found that we have a lot of similarity.. we're as tough as weak as everything we are. Okay lah let's start.

Gue sama Kak Ami kan curhat2, sementara kak Iren bobo, Fira di dalem futu2 hahaha tulul. So i was there when she told how she fought the pain she never thought she'd get.. Dan ternyata banyak kesamaan yang gue temuin. kita sama-sama pernah rasain sakit dan ga enak nya di boongin, dimana posisinya ga ada yg bisa dilakuin lagi.

You know why i titled this post "The strongest element in the world"?
If you see, the brain takes control of everything inside of our body, even the beat of our heart. When your heart falls in love, then it can be made sure that your brain will lose its authority to take control of your heart..

Otak bisa buat bibir lo boong, tapi otak ga akan pernah bisa buat hati lo berpurapura ato boong.

Org2 bisa maksa lo utk ngelakuin hal yg lo lakuin, mungkin when your argument's weaker and you lose, lo ngelakuin jg ga tulus. Contoh gampang bukan. Sama kayak waktu pilihan lo dlm hal apapun ga disetujui sama orang tua, yg seharusnya mensupport lo dan bisa jd temen. NO OFFENSE ya. something happened to me. yak lanjut, gue cerita banyak sama kak ami gitu kan, and we stated something, quite rash maybe but it sounded true..

When you love someone, truly, you won't be able to hurt them in return even if they have hurt you so badly. AND you'll find it easier to hurt yourself. Yaa seenggaknya ini yg pernah gue rasa

Begitu kuat nya elemen ini sampe kadang hal-hal kecil pun bisa merubah hidup lo.
Segitu kuatnya cinta, sampe bisa ngebuat lo berani ngadepin apa yang ada di dpn buat perjuangin apa yang mau lo pertahanin.
Segitu berartinya cinta, sampe orang2 munafik yang jijik membaca blog gua pun di dalem lubuk hatinya masih bisa bilang "ini bullshit" tp tetep ngerasain hal yang sama hahahaah, let's try.. Ga bkl jauh2 dr sini. God made it so strong! God modified love with some kind of ultra-dynamic-monstrous-feeling.. Awsum!!! Okay2. I can't deny!

And when you fall in love, no matter what people say, no matter what your brain tries to convince you about, no matter what your parents say, no matter how painful the path you choose is, you'll be as strong as how God has made love to fill humanity with everything cheerful, enchanting and wonderful. Love is not useless.

Thank You, Lord. for showing the way to find love
Friends and family, i know you guys have been in love before, and i hopelessly try to ask for SUPPORT, i don't wanna be pressured anymore. Thank you.

(This bride was praying, hoping that everything would be alright and her marriage would last forever. As how every girlfriend wants to have the best things in their lovelife with no one annoys)

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I'm Mrs. Right said...

"God modified love with some kind of ultra-dynamic-monstrous-feeling" ehmm sounds good :D