Monday, June 21, 2010

Uncertainty and this world

Well, i hate to post this. Pdhl gw belom smpt ngepost ttg surprise nya dvr.

Uncertainty. Google it yourself, haha ga deng. Ketidakpastian.

It kills you slowly while you're holding on.
It makes you think twice to spend forever loving them
It scares you, all the time.

Ngedenger hal itu, ngebuat gue mikir terus, think over and over. Will this lasts? Will you make it? Will we survive? God! This thought is killing me. High school is getting closer each day, gue takut semuanya berubah...... Berubah jauh dari ini. Gue tau persis yg gue rasain disini, bukan "rasa saat ini" tapi "rasa yang ngga pernah berubah".

If "you" read this, if you want to know, i'm scared of everything. Now. I'm like going blind. I can't see what's ahead and i can't seem to take the risk for more. I'm scared of goodbyes and broken-heart.

This world is cruel.
I have promised you smthg, but for some reason, gue ga bs tepatin. And well, it's not my fault. Jump to another case, let's kill the old time, this is 2010! I'm not a little girl anymore.

This world is cruel.
This post is true.

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