Monday, May 24, 2010

Why so hard to forget

When we sleep like this and when reality can't wake us up
I feel like having the best sleep ever
When i open my eyes and turn around, i see you laying still beside me

When we hug like this, i know that i'm holding someone who's worth fight for
And that's the best part in life that sometimes you don't realize

When we spend our time, singing our song and you playing the guitar
I can't sing but when you're around, i just can....

Remember when we stood in the center of the crowd,
We ignored what they did.....
We ignored what they say

Remember when we drove somewhere, anywhere by your motorcycle
We got no conversation, all we got is silence but with the golden smiles in our faces

Remember those silly faces we captured
Remember those silly moments we've shared together
The times when we laughed at each other
When we couldn't hide how happy we were

So tell me, will you grow old with me?

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