Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reasons why she's worth it

Watch and learn dude.. You know, girls are unreadable, they sometimes hide their feeling to avoid worse conditions. and they often lie to you guys. Like when she says she's okay maybe she's just really not, and hoping that you'd come to her and ask her in a sweeter way i don't know. But if you have someone you love sooo much and you think you've been dong her wrong. Maybe this will help. I hope so.

1. she stayed awake to be someone to talk with while you drove along those empty road at 3 A.M

2. remember how she smiled after you yelled at her with bad words? wasn't she still pretty with the tears on her eyes?

3. she made your life worth while, the fight, the tears, and the violence

4. she keeps being nice, no matter how you've been. even when you cheated behind her back..

5. she cleaned your sweat on the forehead. with her own hand when other girls grinned and said "yuck!!!"

6. she always hug you gently, related to the fact that she doens't want to hurt you

7. she made your sister's English speech note. she made your brother's writing homework

8. she always bear the pain you cause, alone. even though you ever said that she'd never be alone

9. she loves you more every after her downpour tears, when you break your promise

10. and she STAYS the same, even you KEEP breaking her heart. isn't that enough?

11. she wants forever, even she have seen how you worked it out, it's like you don't wanna be forever

12. bcs she never forgets to say goodnight and wishing you a ight sleep

13. she puts you first, all she know is that you're worth it. how about you dude? do you put her first?

14. she dresses like what you've told her to. she changed to what you'd like her to become

15. The last, bcs she completely let you in, FOR FREE. without any terms and conditions.


16. she has been tweeting a lot about you to make you realize

17. she's been trying too hard to be the best for you

18. she treats you motherly. and if you see, she never makes you feel ignored or something worse

19. she keeps telling you the same thing.

20. she's always there to comfort you, even not for every hour in your day. she's open

21. you're always good in her eyes, no matter how bad you are in other people's sight of seeing.

Once you waste them you'll lose the chance to be the luckiest guy ever.

Think over, dude.


Tasya said...

mau nangis bacanya. bagus net. lanjutin ya

Janet BEO said...

aww makasih kak tasya. pengalaman pribadi T____T

Tasya said...

haha iyaa janet. kamu apakabar sih? sombong banget sama aku :( aku ilang smuanomer2 di hp!!! huhu

Janet BEO said...

aku agak baaikk kak. looh kok bisa? bagi pin bb kak hehee