Saturday, October 4, 2008

it hurts the most

heeeey it hurts when you forget any piece of me boy, but i just can cry to see it's been done. i don't understand why but you are the one for me. when i sent you messages through these 2 days ago, you didn't reply it, don't know why i just can wonder. then i remember you asked me to go out these sunday at oct 5. it seems like you forget honey. i don't hear anything about you, the latest thing about you, nope. i was shock when i thought somethingbad happened when you went back to jakarta. so, i sent you message and ask where were you, and you replieeeeed it dear. so why you didn't replied my other latest messages? it hurts. i thought you have a crush in other girl who's hotter than me. yesterday's gone, yesterday's you were so friendly and you were care about me a lot, but now! just to reply my message, you even don't have a will to do it. just a yes a no a where a why and a what. no love you no miss you or anything else you promised me and said to me. don't you forget about me honey

rengga i miss you

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