Tuesday, November 16, 2010

how funny.

  • The world turns upside down when my things fall apart
YES! funny how i don't realize that things are gradually changing. and the most idiot thing is when i keep hoping that somehow things will come back to normal. the reason why i hate changes is the fact that i hardly adapt to new things, new people, and new atmosphere.

  • Why r you being so sensitive?
And you're being so sensitive lately. did i do something wrong? did i piss you off too bad? cause i feel like a fool, begging you forgiveness without knowing what i did wrong. are you ignoring me? are you avoiding me? then tell me what's up with you dude!?

  • Shit happens. Different day. Same shit and another shit.
Tell me you're not enjoying this pain. if it's seeing me in pain that entertains you let me know. why? oh why!? this isn't being hyperbole, this is more like being furious about someone. shit happens and i don't know how to handle my world. i'm losing things, can you imagine?

  • Too many lessons. 100Kilos pressure on my back.
Too many things i've to learn. Too many things i've to do. School tasks. managing things. and about you. i put the things i like aside. and made you a priority. you know, i've sacrificed my time to think about you and even your school task. i put my stuffs aside. okay. and the lesson i got from here: don't make someone your priority, you're may be just an option. YES i am. you know what i mean!

Boiling points: 10000 celcius degrees.

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