Saturday, January 22, 2011

Waiting is good

Hello everybody!! long time no see........ omg kesibukan di sekolah bener2 gokil bgt. Skrg gue kembali dengan segelintir cerita. This place is too public, so guess i'm gonna write just.... some.
Here it goes. I'm gonna try to tell you tales about a str
ange... deep... calm... yet so emotional that gives you goose bump when you're jealous, that gives you butterfly when you're flying and gives you so much things to say.

Kenapa disini namanya serious cases? Coba lo dengerin lagunya Box Car Racer - There Is
When you're sad and fantasizing to commit a suicide. There's ALWAYS someone else is feeling what you're feeling. When you're thinking why life is being so cruel, there's always someone else thinking about it. So, don't worry, you are not alone :)

"That there's someone out there who feels just like me. There is"

First case.
Have you ever been in a serious dilemma? When you gotta pick one between two options? And what makes it really hard is you don't know what you want, you don't know what you need.
Coba dikondisikan sama rekayasa ini ya:

There is someone who loves you SO much, he has been waiting for almost a year, trying to make you his/hers, has been putting so much effort in making you happy, tho sometimes it fails, but it never makes you SICK, never makes you disgusted. And somehow you can't ignore his presence, when one day you gotta hear what your heart is saying and believe in that you care, and you feel the same.... What is that feeling? There's no commitment between the two of you, but to see that person far fucking kills you. What is that feeling? Like the ripest apple hanging on the tree, in thirst of freshness, you would do everything to have just one bite... i know.

On the other side, there's someone who has been loving
you all the time, never stops making your days count, never stops covering you through every rain, never makes you feel like a loner. There is someone who has always been thinking of you too. Who never gets sick of your bullshit, of your ugliness, of your fakeness, of your MISTAKES. Who tell you bad things, you wish you could change. What is that feeling? You wish that you could read minds, find an answer, and make a perfect timing to claim what you have always wanted. The moment when you want to speak b
ut your mind holds your tongue.

My mom always say "As a girl, you need to choose the one who loves you more, who fights for you." And i always believe "If i were a boy, i would fight for a girl who's worth fighting for. And it's never too long to WAIT for someone i'm dying for"

My mom's right. I need to tell you guys, that my mom's right, just like a typical mother, she has taught me things. You don't need to rush. All you need is patience, love will find you. All the things about happy marriage, your big dream about having a successful husband/wife, or for those who wait impatiently, hopelessly, desperatel
y for a boyfriend/girlfriend.

There's no use to get yourself in such a deep confusion. Remember this quote:


Yeah! Consider this as a temptation. Take the risks to fall, because someone....might have been waiting to catch you :):):) if you don't wait, something could go wrong. Life is not a fast food restaurant. It doesn't always come out when you order, live healthily, eat well-done foods. When you wait, you will lose all the possibilities to stick with the wrong person.

Because i've ever been there,
The picture above is a bee. It's a bee. and it's a dilemma. And so goodbye. Enough for today. Nite ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


gila lo lama banget gue gak blogging. crita gua udh bnyk bgt cuy. hahahaah termasuk ilham2 tak diundang yg tiba2 masuk ke kepala gua.....